Meet Our Team 

 The horses in our training barn are assessed by our trainer and our staff on a regular basis, allowing us to fine tune and individualize their training program.  Every day they are meticulously groomed and exercised using a variety of training methods that meet each horses needs.

We know our customers have a lot riding on their Thoroughbred investments.  That's why at Scatter Creek, our standards exceed those of even our most discerning clients.  We hire and retain the best horsemen and women in the industry and we limit the equine population at the farm to ensure every horse receives the personal, hands-on attention necessary to allow it to realize its full potential.

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Todd & Shawn Hansen

Administrative Assistant

Linda Castas

Horse Groom

Savannah Szumila

Farm Maintenance

Dennis Weiks

Farm Manager

Shawn Hansen

Horse Trainer

Jeff Vens


Chava Mena-Merodio

Foal Night Watchman

Ed Finley

Administrative Assistant

Crystal Henning

Horse Exercise Rider/Groom

Sarah Nicholas


Roger Cruz Rojas

Foal Night Watchman

Aliabeth Fogle