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Todd & Shawn Hansen 

Owners & Farm Mangers

Todd and Shawn Hansen, are long time horse breeders and owners. We have been involved in racing, breeding and rehabilitating horses for over 35 years. Having grown up and worked on T90 Ranch / DanDar Farm one of the state’s largest farms at that time, is where our knowledge of the industry began.

Combined we have the experience and knowledge that it takes to prepare young horses for their first trip to the track or return older horses to top condition. Our goal is for every customer to feel like our only customer. An open line of communication between our trainer on the farm and the farm manager in our office allows us to give customers a well-rounded assessment of their horses at a moment's notice.

At Scatter Creek, our client relationships have strength and longevity because they are based on honesty, integrity, trust and respect. Our customers know they can count on us to provide informed, unbiased advice, allowing them to make an informed decision with confidence.


Crystal Henning, Administrative Assistant

Linda Costats, Administrative Assistant

Jeff Vens, Horse Trainer

Sarah Nicholas, Horse exercise rider/Groom

Savanna Szumila, Horse Groom

Chava Mena Morodio, Groom

Roger Cruz Rojas, Groom

Dennis Weiks, Farm Maintenance

Ed Finley, Foal Night Watchman

Aliabeth Fogel, Foal Night Watchman

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