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Scatter Creek Training Center offers a multitude of rehabilitation techniques and opportunities. We provide large box stalls for horses on stall rest, and small turn-out pens, hand-walking, aqua-pacer, euro-ciser, vibra-plate and cold laser therapy help us to meet each horses individual needs to maximize each horses recovery.

Most of the staff are residents at Scatter Creek Training Center which allows us to have around the clock services for horses. We have a security system and cameras which enable us to monitor horses from our phones. Our staff is trained and knowledgeable in providing post- surgery and rehabilitation care. Dr. Michael Vanzwol from Evergreen Equine Clinic lives near our farm and is available for our veterinary needs. Dr. Vanzwol specializes in equine athletes, sports medicine, and equine reproduction. He uses the most current technology in digital imagery and ultrasounds. Dr. Vanzwol and his staff can perform a variety of tests and procedures. Should a situation arise requiring more involved veterinary attention, we have put together a team of Equine Experts which we consult with across the Country. We also work closely with Dr. James Lillich at Pilchuck Veterinary hospital on consultations and surgeries.

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