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  • Training $55/day

  • Rehabilitation $65/day

  • Aqua-Pacer $65/day

  • Euro-ciser $ 58/day

  • Install Layup $48/day

  • Outside Paddock Layup $20/day

  • Weanling Outside Paddock $15/day

  • All Services and Fees include Premium Hay and Purina Grain Products. Our Hay and Feed program is tested by an Equine Nutritionist Annual to ensure that we are meeting all your horses nutritional needs MORE ABOUT OUR FEED PROGRAM

While there are basic principles that apply to breaking and training horses, at Scatter Creek Training Center, we focus on an individual approach. Our goal is to treat each horse as a special equine athlete. We have an experienced team of dedicated staff who can recognize each horse’s individual needs and how we can best achieve them. With consistent repetition and positive training, we want to teach these young horses confidence and avoid trauma which can often be associated with the breaking process. When your horse leaves our farm, it should have a foundation that will last for many different disciplines throughout its life including after-racing career. We believe that the breaking and training process sets the stage for each horse’s ability to succeed in their specialized careers.

Feed Programs: At Scatter Creek Training Center, we believe that having a high-quality balanced feed program is vital to developing equine athletes. We have invested substantially so that we can grow our own quality orchard/timothy grass hay. Growing our own hay allows us to know exactly what we are feeding. We have partnered with Purina feed who analyze our hay and feed program annually.


Each horse receives its own formula of feed. Horses are fed based on their age, weight, condition, and level of activity. This feed brand allows us the flexibility to specialize each horse’s nutrition.


Equine athletes need high quality nutrition to give them that edge to compete at their best. Purina Omolene 200 and Race Ready feed provides the calories required for top speed and endurance from a multitude of minerals and nutrients: such as Vitamin E (maintains muscle health), fat and fermentable fibers to support high performance, and with beet pulp (to reduce risk of digestive upset).


Older horses have a harder time digesting fiber. They also begin to have challenges with their immune system, requiring higher levels of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Zinc, and Folic Acid. This 14% protein diet is meant to help horses maintain muscle tissue, while the other ingredients are very important in helping an older horse process the feed, hay and pasture.


Ultium Growth is formulated for broodmares and young growing horses. The diet consists of high-fat, high-fiber feed that

supports the development and physiology necessary to produce a strong, healthy, and athletic horse

Feed Program
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