• 32 Stall Barn (12x12 foot stalls)

  • 3/4 Mile Dirt Training Track

  • 4-Horse Starting Gate

  • 150 x 80 Indoor Arena

  • Covered Round Pen

  • Covered Euro-ciser

  • Covered Aqua-Pacer Treadmill

  • Vibra Plate

  • Covered Hot Walkers

  • 20 Large Paddocks with Loafing Shed and Irrigation

  • 8 Letdown Paddocks

  • Large Broodmare & Weanling Pens

The facility was designed with our Southwest Washington weather in mind, from the covered round pen adjoining our 150x80 indoor arena, the dirt ¾ mile training track, the covered wash racks and covered hotwalkers. We train horses six days a week, the covered training areas allow us to train year-round without prohibiting us from inclement weather.

Stalls: The 12x12 Tongue and Grove stalls with rubber mat floors bedded in fresh shavings, are cleaned and sanitized daily. The stalls are designed to maximize horse safety and comfort.

Barn: Our barns were design with cross ventilation to have the best air flow for the horse to breath. All walkways are covered in rubber mats to add cushion and safety for the horse.

Paddocks: Paddocks are fenced with 6’ tall V-Mesh fencing with a wooden top rail. Each paddock has a 20’ lane in between each other so that horses cannot reach each other over the fence.

Shavings: Our shavings are all locally sourced and stored in their own shed to limit dust in the main barn areas.

Scales: Our scales allow us to weigh and monitor each horses weight. Tracking a horse’s weight gain or loss allows us to adjust the horse’s feed and nutrition as necessary. Additionally, scales monitor recovery rates, effectiveness of treatments, and ensure healthy foal growth rate.